Workshops – Curative Sounds

wolken klaengeHow do I create a sound, music, or composition that is free from old (dogmatic) and deadlocked ideas?

  • Harmonious sounds – the sounds of music – always represent an anchor to the ancient rhythms of our earth's planets.
  • How can I build sounds of creation from my own heart, from the rhythm of life, and from the stream of my encounters?
  • I feel my own impact on each individual tone, I feel responsible for it, and through each tone, I can guide myself towards my spiritual self.
  • Cheerfulness and joy are equally important "instruments", supporting the "dance of tones", in the widest sense of the word.





4-Großes-TamExpand your (self)-awareness, might be another headline of this musical work: Improvisational music refines our senses. But it's also our fundamental awareness that can be refined by music, guiding us to the following questions:

  • What is my inner self?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • Am I the person who I used to be in the past, Am I the person who I will be in the future?