Courses and Seminars - Tree Tending and Care

2-Teil-1Part 1

The importance of trees (forests) for our earth

Why do trees need care?
Tending forests and tending fruit-bearing trees – a great difference!

The essential basics of Tree Tending

The ecosystem and its cross-linkage to human awareness





Part 2

The five elements – and their influence on trees

How do I make my selected tree a "Landscape Keeper" 

Supporting the resonant abilities and cross-linkage of "keepers"

Planting, felling and cutting trees – and other work to be carried out at the right time

Knowledge of astronomy as the basis of our work

This small "planetary" kit is given to each participant to help them understand:
Ascending and descending of the sun/moon in the respective star sign (zodiac); reading the seasons and choosing the right time for planting, harvesting, wood-cutting, growing fruit and vegetables, etc.



5-Teil-2Part 3

Cutting fruit-bearing and forest trees
Summer and winter cutting – and their effects.
Tree ring, tree gate (tree grid), flow of tree sap,
Wood harvesting and watering 
Tree tending in extreme environments (deserts – mountains – steppe landscapes, etc.)